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- School Uniform (summer)
- Music Player
- Headphones
- Glasses
- Kunai (x2)

- School uniform (winter) x2
- AC adapter for music player
- Dirty magazine (nurses)
- Cell phone
- Phone charger
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[He takes a breath to compose himself. And once he's ready...]

I'm guessing everyone's on edge after that, so I wanted to give a little good news to keep everyone going. Once we get through this - and we will get through this - Rin and I will have a fun little announcement to make. So keep looking forward, alright?

And whatever happens, if you get hurt and see a guy with headphones and orange glasses, that's me. Flag me down and I'll help you however I can. We're all in this together.

Filtered to castmates

Is there anything you guys need? If I can help, just let me know. We're still a team, and I've got your back.
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Action - The Park - Shortly after this thread - for [ profile] unexculpable

[True to his word, Yosuke's been scouring Mayfield for signs of Ed - and of course he'd find him in the park. He runs up, to the blond, waving]

Ed! I've been looking everywhere for you!


Nov. 17th, 2011 05:47 am
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This was it. Now or never.

Well, maybe not never, but now or sometime-at-least-a-few-days-from-now. It was one of the burdens that came with being the manager’s son, but it was something Yosuke had never really thought to complain about before. After all, sure, there were plenty of pains in the ass that came with his lot in life. Other employees thought he could get them preferential treatment, or pull strings for them. 90% of the townspeople still treated him like the grim reaper of stores, bringing death and decay to anywhere that wasn’t Junes. They still talked behind his back, acting like they were being so good about keeping their snide comments secret. Plenty of pains in the ass, but he’d never considered his father’s absence to be one. After all, for as many days as Yosuke barely tolerated his place at Junes, he knew his father loved his work. Beyond that, it allowed him to provide for the family he also loved, and even Yosuke wasn’t so shallow as to see that it wasn’t a commendable trait. And in that respect, he did want to be like his father in a few years - ready to do whatever it took to keep his family happy and comfortable. Even if it meant seeing them a little less than he’d like to.

But still. His father’s fantastic work ethic put him in an awkward position, as young Yosuke Hanamura was now faced with a seemingly impossible task: explain to his father that the mysterious biker girl rumors were swirling about was in fact his girlfriend who he’d be moving in with as he attended college, and explain it before breakfast without getting disowned.

So yeah.

End of the world.

Izanagi had nothing on this.

With a deep breath, he sat at the kitchen table opposite his father, poking at the breakfast his mother had prepared for the both of them. Even distracted by the newspaper, it didn’t take the older Hanamura long to pose the question Yosuke had been dreading.

“I heard an interesting story before I left work last night. It started with you and a mysterious biker woman and ended with the two of you ‘riding off into the sunset’. Care to explain?”

It always seemed that no matter the situation, there was the right answer, and the wrong answer. Then, of course, the Yosuke answer. With a deep breath and his thoughts firmly on his angel, Yosuke steeled himself.

“Well Dad, she’s my girlfriend.” The elder Hanamura set his newspaper aside, eyes firmly affixed on his son, but offered no interruption. He’d give the boy this one chance to explain.

“We met-” Yosuke paused in mid-thought, trying to keep straight in his mind just when he’d entered that extraordinary world, “- about a year or two ago, I think. She surprised me at work, then we spent the rest of the day together and she dropped me off here before leaving.” He had no idea what was coming next, and for a brief moment, his courage faltered. He wished he could hide himself within his headphones, lose himself within the music to avoid whatever disaster was certainly coming next. But to his surprise, though his father seemed as stern as ever about the situation, he also seemed almost... calm.

“And just why have you kept a girlfriend secret from us for a year?”

“It wasn’t for a year! We- we just hit that point yesterday. Before now... well, we had different stuff going on.” Lost somewhere between happiness and the sadness that came with how much time she’d lost, he didn’t even notice the look his father was giving him; one of those uniquely parental looks, the one that says ‘I know that’s not the end of the story, and I’m giving you this chance to continue before I have to ask’. Thankfully, the elder gave his son enough time to notice, and the schoolboy rolled on.

“She’s older, too.”


“... yeah. Not ‘If I were a girl and she were a guy everyone would think she’s a sugar daddy’ older, but definitely ‘Get weird looks on a date’ older.” It took effort to cut himself off there. Yosuke wanted to say more. He wanted to tell his father how she’d waited years for him, wanted to tell him how he couldn’t see himself with anyone else in the world. He wanted to say that they’d been dating for a day, but for years too and they knew everything about each other once. He desperately wanted, somehow, to convey just how important this one girl was to his life. How he’d do anything for her, and if that meant leaving his life behind for a new one, he’d do just that.

Really, he just wanted to scream. Anything to break the heavy silence that lingered over the kitchen table.

His father reached for a teacup. He took a long sip. Yosuke waited for his world to come crashing down.

“You’re still going to University.”

The reaction was almost instant. “Are you kidding? She’d kill me if I didn’t.”

The change in his father’s demeanor was subtle, but a small smile pulled at the corner of his mouth.

“I like her already. What’s this mystery biker’s name?”

He could only imagine what his face looked like, but judging from how he felt, he liked to think it was a mixture of it’s-not-terminal relief and the joy of eighteen combined birthdays. It almost matched the happiness he’d felt the day before.

“Tatsuki. Arisawa Tatsuki.”
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Action - 947 Beulah - Late Morning - Open

[It was supposed to be a good day. It really was. Yosuke was up earlier than normal, but he was alive and full of energy. He'd made breakfast, had a nice stretch, and was on his way out the door. When he pulled up]

"'Ey! Mistah Hanamura! Rin almost ready? I was gonna give her a lift to school!"

[The morning was a blur after that. He made some quick excuse - she wasn't feeling well, she had a doctor's appointment, she'd be late - he couldn't remember what, but something. Anything to get the drone version of his best friend away. But something sat in the back of his mind. Something he couldn't quite shake, and so he broke out in a run, hauling ass over to Souji's house. Yosuke checked the yard, looked in windows - anything to find a sign that what happened wasn't permanent. That his best friend would be back in a few days, same as ever]

[There was nothing to find]

[He's not sure what made him check up on everyone else, running from place to place if only to catch a glimpse of them, of some belonging. Probably the panic - blind panic in losing his best friend, his partner and their leader. He's not sure what he expects, but it's not any easier to find Kanji gone too. Even Adachi. Which brings us to the now]

[Yosuke is tired and breathless, sitting on the living room couch and looking like a mixture of stunned and lost. Approach?]

Phone - Afternoon - Filtered to Persona casts/Shana

Hey, guys... [He takes a few deep breaths, trying to keep himself under control]

We're down three. Adachi, Kanji... and Souji. You all doing okay?

Filtered to Nanako

[If there's one job he's not fit for it's this, but someone has to do it. But what the hell is he going to tell her? Dammit...]

Nanako? You there? It's Yosuke.

Filtered to Ruri

... can you come over when you get the chance? I could use a hug.

Open/Filtered from Drones

[By now he sounds absolutely exhausted. It's been an emotionally draining day and it's the hardest thing he's ever had to do to even try and keep it together]

Just a heads up for everyone who knew Souji. He's not here anymore. So you're not surprised when you see him.
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Action - 947 Beulah - Afternoon - Closed

[When he woke up and heard the news, Yosuke thought he might cry. No more milk. No more razor blades or mood swings or delusions or paranoia or anything. Just a normal day in hell - and dammit, he'd take it. What's more, he'd succeeded. He'd kept his friends safe for those four days of hell. He'd even met some new people and been almost productive. What's more, thanks to Elizabeth, he'd managed to get himself back on track. He'd stopped obsessing over what he could and couldn't do without his Persona, and re-focused on what he could do himself. Why he was doing it. Who was in control. Since day one in Mayfield, he'd never been more at peace with not having his Persona. So what if he was limited? He could still help. He could protect. He could be awesome and there wasn't a damn thing the town could do to stop him]

[As a reward, he decided to stay inside today. Screw work, screw errands and chores and everything else. Today was his and they could all suck it.]

Action - 947 Beulah - Late Afternoon - Open

[He's a bit surprised to check the mail and find a package at the door - with his name on it. This... this is familiar. He's been through this before. With a shaking hand, he tears it open, wondering what he could be getting in such a small box. He's already got his music gear back, he's got his knives, what else is there?]

[A card]

[With a picture he knows oh so well]

[His breath catches in his throat as he grips the card tightly before slipping it into his pocket. Does... does this mean...?]

[Well, only one way to find out. Closing his eyes, he steadies his breathing and focuses, looking inward for the power that resides there. A hand reflexively digs into his pocket, pulling out a dagger as a card begins to materialize in the air above him. In a swift motion he crouches down, leaping into the air and spinning as he slices through the card with ease, his voice ringing out.]

[And there above him is his persona, in all it's glory - and with a violent burst of wind, the mailbox is torn to shreds. Oops. Not that Yosuke cares - his face is positively glowing. He's got it back, and nothing can change that. Just ignore the guy partying on his front porch over seemingly nothing.]

Phone - Evening - Filtered to Persona Casts and Shana

[He wasn't sure if he should make a big deal of it... but they deserve to know]

So, I got a pretty nice package in the mail today.

Filtered to Elizabeth

... thank you. For everything. I really needed that talk the other day.
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[PHONE - AFTERNOON - Filtered to: Persona casts (all), Ruri, Shana, SHIKI, Gilgamesh, Lancer, anyone I forgot that he has a moderate amount of CR with]

Hey guys, it's Yosuke. I just thought I'd check in, see how everyone's doing. I know it's been sort of rough lately, so...


[He's been coming here a lot lately. It really isn't a bad place to spend time. The park is usually nice and peaceful, and it gives him plenty of time to think. To reflect on his time there, to figure out what he wants, to try and piece together what bits he's learned about the town. Really, he can think about whatever strikes him that particular day.

Today it seems the focus is on himself - him, and the choices he's made recently and not so recently. Decisions he's made, decisions he hasn't made. Time he's spent waiting. Other people he's heard about. Is he really doing what's best? If he has to be stuck in this town, doesn't he deserve to be as happy as he can be? Is he doing what he can to that end? Is the road he's on the right one - hell, is it even going anywhere?

Too bad there are no easy answers.]
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[It didn't take long for Yosuke to notice something horribly wrong earlier in the week. Rin was acting weird, the entire town was making unbelievable phone calls, and though people weren't dying as far as he knew, the town was messing with everyone again. Uneasy at both the prospect of hearing everyone else's business and revealing his own, Yosuke took a different path and buried himself in his work. The record store was usually slow, and thankfully whatever was affecting the town had yet to hit him full force.

In a lot of ways it was like his first month in Inaba. Next to no one to talk to for one reason or another, and no choice but to bury himself in his music and work. Still, as lonely as his strategy was, it seemed to be working. He'd avoided nearly everyone and everything successfully, and he felt vaguely proud of himself. With any luck, he might be home free soon.

He certainly felt different as he went into work on the weekend. Probably just a side effect of the isolation, right? What could possibly go wrong now? He'd be fine. He was sure of it.]
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ACTION: The Park - Open

[It's a nice day in the park - the sun shining down, a breeze blowing through - it's the perfect day for Yosuke to work the stress out with a good friend. The entire park is his training area - trees to climb, benches to jump over and off of, and a thousand and one ways to test his speed and agility. Though there's no enemy to fight and no goal to reach, it feels good just doing something.

Sometimes they're working together, sometimes apart, but the two best certainly seem in synch as they get their exercise on all over the park. Aww yeah.]

(( OOC: For this, please specify if you'd like to tag Yosuke, Souji, or both together, as they're there working out in tandem ))
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[As Yosuke's settled himself into Mayfield, he finds one question gnawing at the back of his head.

Is this place really that bad?

Sure, there's the dronings and the weird things that happen, but day to day everybody's able to go about their lives - maybe even find things to do that make them happy. They bring bits and pieces from home and make connections with other people. They can even meet people they never would have at home. Does the good the people make in this town outweigh the bad the town tries to bring them down with?

He's curious. Also, it's a great excuse to take a day off and wander around the town, so that's exactly what he does - he sets out and walks, with no destination in mind]

(( OOC NOTE: He's literally just walking around town today, meeting people, talking to people, whatever. In your reply just note where they're meeting; the park, a store, outside someone's house. It doesn't matter where, just give me a heads up. Thanks! <3 ))
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ACTION: The Record Store - Morning/Afternoon - Open

[All things considered, Yosuke is enjoying his new job at the record store, familiarizing himself with the music and keeping the records spinning. If you're in the market for some music, come on in and shop!]

ACTION: John Doe Park - Evening - Open

[Yosuke is sitting on a park bench, headphones on as he looks at the ground, despondant. He'd been wondering why he hadn't heard from Chie lately and wanted to make sure she was going to his (late) Birthday Party, so he'd gone after work in search of her.

He hadn't been prepared to see his friend all dressed up and flirting with the drone boys. No training, no kung fu, no arguing - done through and through.

He's not sure how to cope with that. He doesn't even know how long she's been this way. So he's simply sitting there, drowning his sorrows in the music and trying to cope with everything.]
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ACTION: 947 Beulah St - Morning (Housemate, anyone passing by who wants to check out the commotion)

[It hadn't exactly been a year since his last birthday, but today was June 22nd. He wasn't planning on making his birthday a big deal, but apparently the town had other plans - like having him wake up in yet another strange house. This time, though, there was a woman in his bed. Next to him. One that he had children with, if the photos in the room were to be believed. Some might call having a completely subservient woman in your bed a godsend - Yosuke was nearly as freaked out as his first day in the town. Not even bothering to change out of his pajamas, he scrambled from the bed and out of the room.

Which brings us to the current time - a confused Yosuke, sitting on the curb in front of his brand new house, trying to get a hold on his brand new adult life.

Happy 18th Birthday, Yosuke. Welcome to adulthood.]

Okay, calm down. That zombie... 'wife' probably didn't do anything to me. Probably.

[He groans]

What a way to start a birthday.

PHONE - Early Afternoon - Filtered from Drones

So... this hasn't exactly been a normal day, but I guess there's not much I can do about it.

Anyone know a good place for a party? Might as well try and make today not suck somehow.
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[Ever since waking up in his bed safe and sound, Yosuke has been more than confused. How can death really not matter? What can they do, when the town can turn people against each other so easily? Did he really take a bullet for Chie?

Wracked by confusion and uncertainty, Yosuke isn't sure where to turn. Souji is the obvious choice, but with Chie involved... he needs a little time before he seeks out his partner. Ultimately, he decides that the best course of action is to try and take his mind off of things for a while.

So, making good on his promise, he wanders the city until he finds what he thinks is the cafe Ruri told him about and walks in the door.]

Lets see, I think this is the place...
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ACTION: 771 Bunker St. - Morning

[Okay, calm down. This isn't the first time he's found himself in a strange place. Sure, it's only the second time total and it's the first time that he's been in a new house with new clothes and photographs of a new life around him, but there are positives! Right?

... well, at least this time he doesn't have to pee.

Glasses? Gone. Headphones? Gone. Music player? Gone. Knives? Gone. So much for the comforts of home.

Still, Yosuke isn't one to give up quite that easily - especially after everything he's gone through - and after gathering his courage, he manages to find his way into the living room.]

Hey! Is anyone there? Where the hell am I?

PHONE: 771 Bunker St. - Afternoonish?

[He's used to telephones, but this old fashioned thing isn't a cell phone and doesn't feel quite right. Still, he might as well give it a shot.]

Um... hello? Is this thing on? Crap, how do I tell if I'm using it right? Stupid antiques...
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